Thya: The Gateway

Thomas Jensen leaned against the old wooden shed and studied the night sky. A long time ago, he had learned the secrets of the Mazzaroth. Although he knew the time was short, and there was still too much that he had to do, he couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that the people of this land dwelt under a clear blanket of stars in a perpetual state of summer and thought nothing of it.

Photo by Stefan Stefancik

This place, Thya, was reminiscent of his childhood—those Midwest summers where wild prairie flowers blossomed under delicate and perfectly temperate conditions, leaving an intoxicating fragrance in their wake. This fact alone could have made concentrating on the task at hand—the completion of his last novel—difficult, but Thomas knew what he had to do.

Thya was a holding land; the gateway directly between the Tower Lands, home of the Vulpine, and Sart, the Land of the Red Sleepers. Because of that, Thya was a challenging place. The people here didn’t live by what was, or what was to come, but by what is. As much as he tried otherwise, Thomas found living in the now something of a challenge because he had all his memories.

It was difficult being a stranger here, knowing that two opposing forces were battling for the land, so they could control the gate; but he never spoke of such things to anyone except the Shamash.

The purple ones of Thya weren’t supposed to know about the opposing forces either, but there was a remnant—a small group—who remembered what Thya and the rest of the realms had been like in their previous glories when the original king occupied the territory. This small remnant remained faithful, though they never dared mention those days, except amongst themselves. They simply went about their daily lives, pretending to be in the moment. But if you knew what signs to look for, you could easily recognize them.

Thomas hated that he had to leave his daughter, but he took some small comfort knowing that as crazy and impossible as it seemed, they were both looking up at the same night sky full of stars and dancing auroras. He also took comfort in knowing he would see her again, just perhaps not in the way he had hoped. In order for the Howler to be stopped, Thomas knew he had to be in Thya, and Ellyce had to be in Hayvenhurst. And so, he would do what he needed to do. But that didn’t make the task any easier.

If someone would have told him years ago about this place and the other realms of the Kingdom, he would have said it was a fantastic story, and in no way real. But that was before her betrayal, and before the reality of the situation had been revealed to him. With a single act, his whole world and everything he thought he knew had changed. What Thomas had once believed to be a fantasy was crystal clear, and with his new-found clarity, he’d been given a second chance.

There will be a WAR.


There will be a WEDDING.

Lines will be drawn.

Choose for yourself … whom you will SERVE



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  1. Loving it!


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