Cover Reveal Teaser Day 4

As she moved closer to the map, the din of buzzing typewriters grew louder, and smoky haze billowed into the room around them. “Things are not always the way they seem,” Sophia said, grabbing a handful of the cloudy haze from air.

Cover Reveal - 3b

She blew the haze from her hand across the room toward the map, where it reformed into delicate white flowers, which, moments later, were snatched up by several humming birds launching out from the trees on the left side of the map. When each bird had a flower in its mouth, the other flowers faded, falling into misty particles on the floor in front of Sophia. “The world of the Realms isn’t about what they do, or what something looks like. But rather about what they are, and how they function.”




*Puzzle graphic from Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

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