Chapter One: Part 4 – He Sees Me

Today’s the last installment of Chapter 1, but the fun’s not over yet.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek of A War and A Wedding.  Comment on today’s post with what you thought of chapter 1.  I’d love your feedback!  And be sure to tell all your friends and family about A War and A Wedding, coming June 2019!

Stop by on the 20th for the Cover Reveal.  Until tomorrow ~ ♥

The man pushed the ball of his foot into the hardwood floor, and then glanced over at the closet door. After the third squeaky depression, he turned, sat on the bed, and smiled in her direction. It was in that moment, that Ellyce knew that he knew she was there, and her heart raced inside her chest.

She grasped the fabric of her jeans, trying to keep herself from bursting into tears while he taunted her. She closed her eyes, wishing silently she would have told someone—anyone—that she’d been alone. But there was no wishing this away now. He was right outside the door, no doubt pondering all the ways in which he would kill her.

“Not here,” scar-face’s raspy voice called out from the hall. A tear fell down her cheek as she struggled to keep her ragged breathing under control.

Cover Reveal - 1b
A War and A Wedding Available June 2019

“Well, keep looking,” the man on the bed whispered, kicking the closet door open with his foot. His ash-gray eyes peered into her wide hazel eyes, and her body trembled with fear at the sight of him. Holding his index finger to his lips, he whispered, “Shhh,” listening as the sound of the other man’s footsteps bounded towards the room.

Ellyce’s eyes darted between the man sitting on the edge of the bed in front of her and her dad’s bedroom door. Feeling helpless, she waited for the man’s accomplice to join them. But the scarred man only paused for a moment in the hallway. Kicking something out of the way, he mumbled to himself, returning the way he had just come.

When he was out of sight, the man on the bed stood up and sauntered toward Ellyce. She looked down, breaking her gaze, and closed her eyes. She mentally prepared herself for the worst. Without another word or gesture, the man slammed the closet door shut.



*Cover graphic from Pexels via Pixabay

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