A War and A Wedding Cover Reveal

Thanks for joining us this past week as we’ve explored Chapter One. As promised, here’s the cover reveal along with our final “sneak peek” from the book.

On June 21, 2019, A War and A Wedding will be available across all platforms.

Cover Art

As she hummed along with a song she knew by heart, she realized that the melody was no longer hauntingly sweet. This melody, the one that had overtaken the world, was simply haunting. But the curly-haired servant didn’t mind and even seemed to like it this way. He also seemed to like his new beauty, as well. Nestling his lips against the woman’s neck, he seductively teased before moving in closer to kiss her lips.

But before his lips could connect with hers, a static charge filled the room and lightning cracked overhead. The princess backed away from him, shying slightly. He looked upward at the shards of glass and smiled, daring the sky to unleash its torrent on them.

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