The Land of the Beloved

She pointed to the sixth landmass on the map. “The Vulpine are trying to take control of the White City. But they must never go there. They mustn’t be allowed.”

“Why not?” Jessica asked.

“Because it’s the most sacred land—it’s the land of the Beloved.” She turned and sipped her tea. “But they’ll never get there, because they don’t have the map or the key.”

“Ellyce held up her necklace. “So, it’s not this thing?”

“That is not the key of Dod. The key belongs to the rightful heir. And even if you happened upon the key, you couldn’t open the door. There’s an order to things. There’s only one who has the ability to open the door.”

“So why get all uptight about it if they can’t ever go there?”

“Because the Vulpine don’t care about order. They just go about things in a haphazard manner. Unfortunately, that’s how people get hurt. She gestured to the land of the Red Sleepers.  “Which is why it’s snowing in the Land of the Red Sleepers. The Vulpine are of the mindset that if they can’t have the land, they’ll destroy it so that the heir to the throne cannot have it either.”

“I don’t get it. Why? Why go through all the trouble?”

Because the White City is a bridal gift from the heir of the lands to his bride. The Vulpine think that if they can desecrate the land, then they’ll stop the wedding.
If they stop the wedding, they’ll stop the war.”

“So, how do my dad and I fit into all of this? And Jessica, too? We don’t have anything to do with these people or these lands.”

That is where you’re mistaken. You have everything to do with this. If you want to find your dad, you’re going to have to start at the beginning and find Derek.”

This is an excerpt from A War and A Wedding. Pre-order your copy today.

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