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OMG! Thank you. What a fantastic read. I am eager to read book 5!

D.F. Mann

There will be a War.
There will be a Wedding.
The lost will be found 

The In-Between: Book 4

Ellyce Jensen is a teen bent on revenge, standing at the crossroads.

Determined to find a cure for Vanessa’s twisted curse and to avenge Thomas, Ellyce’s world unravels when an explosion in the tunnels catches her friends by surprise.

Caught in a web of darkness and danger, Ellyce discovers she and Kasdaye are pawns in a cosmic game that is much bigger than she ever imagined. The stakes are high, and no one is safe. Yet, the In-Between is where warriors are born, forged by the blurred lines of loyalty and betrayal, love and hate.

Will Ellyce summon the courage to face her inner demons and fulfill her destiny? Or will the allure of revenge be too intoxicating to resist?

This fourth installment of A War and A Wedding is an action-packed fantasy testing Ellyce’s resilience and her allegiance.