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Everyone who has ever raised, or met, an angst teenager or anyone who has ever spent hours praying for someone on the brink of throwing it all away needs to read this.

Momoffive, Amazon Review

A moving tale that’s not afraid to delve into the darker experiences of life in an effort to showcase the healing power of faith.

Music. Drugs. Redemption.

Josh Jacobs
I’ve heard it said that life can change in a second, but I disagree. From my experience, life changes in milliseconds, and every single moment of the day is about change. Sometimes the change is for the better, and sometimes for the worse.

Stephanie Carlisle
I scowled at the reflection and took a long drag from the joint that had made its way to the front seat, blowing smoke in the girl’s face and wishing she would take her perky smile and perfectly lined teeth somewhere else. I also wondered if her parents knew where she was and what she, or rather, I, was about to do.

Stephanie Carlisle is a musically gifted, but troubled teen. After being delivered from a life of drugs and alcohol, she becomes an inspiration to a subculture that most of society would like to forget. When she befriends the equally talented, but troubled Josh Jacobs, she learns not every story comes with a happy ending.

This is one of those books that you don't want to stop reading up to the very last page. A truly inspirational story.

A. Hurtado.