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BookBub Feature Deal!

Well, hello there!

We scored a Bookbub Feature deal and I am so over the moon. Here’s to more people learning about Benson, Ellyce, and all the lovely realms of Finish.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the free book, and thanks to everyone who grabbed book 2: The Congregation and book 3: The Kiss!

Book 4–The In-Between will be making its way into the world this summer, so stay tuned!

Happy reading and much love!


  1. Chris Hummel says:

    How many more books in the a war &a wedding series?

    1. Melissa Service says:

      Hi, Chris,
      There will be a total of 7 books in this series. Next up:
      Book 4: The In-Between
      Book 5: The East Gate
      Book 6: The Covering
      Book 7: The Golden Hour
      Thanks for asking! Happy reading.

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