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A War and A Wedding is a work of fantasy fiction aimed at young adults that presents a unique reading journey which is sure to satisfy both teens and adult readers alike.


For seventeen-year-old Ellyce Jensen, the world is spiraling out of control.

The Promise: Book 1

The week before her birthday, her father mysteriously disappears. Then, by accident, Ellyce discovers a secret room in his closet. The truth of her discovery will change her life forever. But she must keep her secrets to herself because her best friend, Benson Monroe, is now her ex, and he’s dating her nemesis, Sydney Parker. As if her personal crisis wasn’t enough, a solar flare erupts, plunging the entire world into darkness and turmoil.

Amid the chaos, Ellyce realizes there’s something bigger going on. The ancient prophecies and the seven supernatural realms her father, Thomas, wrote about are true. A war is coming. And with no time to lose, Ellyce must choose which kingdom she will serve.

Unlock the secrets and discover the mesmerizing worlds of the Land of Finish where magic, mysterious prophecies, and treacherous alliances will shape the fate of the realms. The Promise is the first book in the enchanting fantasy series, A War and A Wedding.