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This series keeps getting better and better.

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There will be a War.
There will be a Wedding.
Loyalties will be tested …

The Congregation: Book 2

Defying the odds, the Gray-Eyed man saves Ellyce Jensen and her ex, Benson Monroe, from Rupert and his demon soldiers. But it seems they have only traded one prison for another. After escaping their towered confines, Ellyce and Benson journey through the lands of Efes and Ardor in search of the secret guardians who can help them unite the realms. But not everything is as it seems.

As secrets are exposed, and loyalties are pushed to their limits, Ellyce is tested in ways she never thought possible. Will she find the strength to emerge victorious? Or will she and her friends fall victim to the dark powers spreading across the lands?

The Congregation is the next installment in the spellbinding fantasy series, A War and A Wedding.