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CHILLING! The best one yet!

Audrey S.

There will be a War.
There will be a Wedding.
Love will be lost

The Kiss: Book 3

Reeling from Benson Monroe’s devastating betrayal, Ellyce Jensen wants nothing more than to make the pain she’s feeling stop. Fleeing Hayvenhurst in the middle of the night, she heads into the Tower Lands alone—determined to find the key that will lead her to where her father is in the land of Thya.

But the Tower Lands are Rupert’s demonic home base. And Ellyce is public enemy number one.

So, with her life in danger, Ellyce must figure out a way to survive in hostile territory while Rupert’s son finds himself caught in an impossible situation. Not only will Kasdaye have to stand up against his father’s rule, he will also have to go against his own desires.

In this intoxicating and uninhibited world where alliances shift and loyalty means nothing, a single kiss sets off a chain reaction that will shatter friendships. And as friends turn to foes and adversaries become allies, Ellyce’s decision to brave the path by herself threatens to consume them all.

The stakes are higher than ever in The Kiss as destinies collide and the boundaries of trust and sacrifice are redefined.