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CHILLING! The best one yet!

Audrey S.

There will be a War.
There will be a Wedding.
Love will be lost

The Kiss: Book 3

Reeling from Benson Monroe’s betrayal, Ellyce Jensen wants nothing more than to make the pain she’s feeling stop. Fleeing Hayvenhurst in the middle of the night, she sets out for the Tower Lands alone—determined to find the key that will lead her to the land of Thya where her father, Thomas, is supposed to be waiting.

But the Tower Lands are Rupert’s home base, and Ellyce is public enemy number one. While Ellyce struggles to survive in a land unlike her own, Rupert’s son, Kasdaye, finds himself caught in an impossible situation where he’ll not only have to stand against his father’s rule, but also his own desires.