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Seasons Out of Time

Energy Never Dies ... It Merely Transforms

Alexander + Olivia

Before the posters of his famous face adorned the walls of teenage girls’ rooms across the world, she knew him. Knew who he was. He had burst onto the music scene with a rock band born out of his friend’s garage in the late 80s, and by the late 90s, his fame had reached new proportions when he was featured on the cover of every teen magazine in print. Overnight he had become the it boy.

Every teen girl’s fantasy.
A heartthrob.
A renegade.
Hot as a severe nuke.

As he made movie after movie, people couldn’t help but notice that as the years went by, he never appeared to grow older. He had a gray hair or two here or there, but at thirty-eight, he was still as boyishly handsome as he had been when he was discovered in the late 80s. Livie could laugh off the other conspiracy theories about his sexuality. But she had to admit, the age thing, well, that one made her heart skip a beat. His adoring fans could put aside the debates about his sexual preference, but it seemed they wouldn’t be so eager to dismiss the fact that they believed Jackson Alexander Halsey was … immortal.

He wasn’t. Though she didn’t know what he was.
What they were.
But immortal was not the right word for it.

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